I’m baaaaaack

I have missed my little blog! I was busy getting hitched, and then sending my husband back to his home land, and then going to Vegas because I got married on my 21st and then going to Utah to hang out with some rad people. Here are photos of some of those things:

We clean up pretty good.

This is really the only picture we took in Vegas.


A nice group shot from Utah.

Anywho, since Peter and I didn’t get legally married, since that would screw up our whole visa thing for when I move to Australia, I was thinking that we should probably sign a pre-nup before it’s too late. I mean, I won’t actually be able to have him sign it, but putting it on the internet is basically the same right? I’m not really sure what all a pre-nup usually entails, so I’m just doing my best to cover all my bases.

1. Peter must stop accusing Emily of being a “bed hog.” She is only small, how much room can she really take up?

2. Peter must stop teasing Emily about being American, but can’t be annoyed when she teases him about talking funny. Her thing can’t be helped, whereas he is clearly being difficult on purpose.

3. Emily must be kept in constant supply of Tim Tams and whatever that cheese from New Zealand is.

4. Peter must accept all kisses from Emily, even if she has been drinking pickle juice.

5. In the event of a divorce, NO DIVORCE.

6, In the event of infants, Peter must help clean up vomit and poop and whatever other nightmare fuel babies produce, even if it makes him gag.

7. All spiders and bits of lint Emily thinks are spiders are to be exterminated immediately.

8. Peter must continue to think it is cute when Emily spills food in the bed and combines things like cake with milk or pickles with peanut butter.

9.  A bed time story must be told on a regular basis, and Emily has to pick out the characters.

10. Peter has to let Emily jump on his organs each morning without complaint.

I think that should do it. I reserve the right to make changes and additions at any point.

I’m not a lawyer or anything, but that’s probably legally binding, right?









6 comments on “I’m baaaaaack

  1. chellesh0ck says:

    Do you mean Mainland cheese?

  2. LolaFace says:

    I love your prenup. All those things are essential in a good marriage. Especially the spider/lint extermination *nods*

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