All things must end

Today was the last day at my cash office job. In honor of that, I thought I’d share a few more photos of money I’ve found.

This time round, I really ignored the things like random numbers and names written on money. Luckily, I received quite a few actual messages.

How true.

I don’t even know. I will never understand why people write on money. This isn’t even a political statement or something, it’s just like one of those crappy fortunes you get from the cookies at Panda Express.

I also got two rather conflicting messages:

I find it hard to take either message seriously, for several reasons, not the least of which being that the author’s selected medium of communication was on a dollar bill. I also have a hard time taking the top one seriously because it doesn’t even really spell “god” unless you are counting the circle around the g. The writer probably thought that was clever. It wasn’t. The handwriting of the second one makes it hard, as well as the completely unnecessary aggression and multicolored markers.

There were a few bills that just made me happy:

Upon closer inspection, this seems to be part of the “Where’s George” thing, but I still got excited when I saw the rainbow colors. I now know what Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory felt like.

This one didn’t make me happy, per se, but I was amused, certainly.


I got excited about this one, because I used to play with those round paint marker things ALL THE TIME as a kid. Lord knows how many flowers I made with them.

And, the one and only “Where’s George” bill I bothered to take a photo of, mostly because it looked like it had been damp at some point, so I was curious:

Unfortunately, there was no indication as to why it looked so blurry. All I know is that the original person had it in Colorado.


This is the end of an era, y’all.


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