Just When I Thought I Was Done…

I ran across this wee gem:

I don’t even…

I thought I had made all the points I wanted to about this kind of thing, but I was wrong because WHAT THE HELL?

This thinking right here? is almost certainly a product of rape culture. It’s the exact same logic that leads people to say “That woman was dressed like a skank, she shouldn’t have dressed like that if she didn’t want to get raped.” I honestly do not give a shit if a woman is walking around in pasties and a G-string, it’s not an open invitation for someone to put it in her.

This whole mindset, and of course, the comments themselves, is some sexist bullshit. I’ve never once seen a guy fret over the length of his shorts, for fear that he might get tackled by a group of women that just couldn’t control their urges.

I wasn’t aware that a girl was incapable of having both bangin’ cleavage that she likes to show off, and a rad personality. It’s like somehow, when a woman puts on a short skirt, she is no longer a person with a personality and a right to consent, but is instead a collection of body parts that need to be judged. Eff that noise.

It’s been said before, but I will say it again. How about instead of teaching our women that they need to cover up or else terrible things will happen to them, we start teaching people not to rape, and to treat people with some god damned respect?

Honestly. Some people’s children.


4 comments on “Just When I Thought I Was Done…

  1. chellesh0ck says:

    What that guy said, is trying to shift the blame from himself back to women. Because he knows he judges women by their appearance, but cannot admit to being in the wrong, so he has turned it back on the women, making it their fault that he is this way. It’s also a common rape notion “you deserve this for walking around in that little dress in front of me” etc etc
    Basically, some people don’t deserve to have an internet account or any other podium from which they can voice their thoughts.
    You’re great and I hope you wear all the low cut things and speak your mind forever!

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