“Money is the best deodorant”

Elizabeth Taylor said that. She’s wrong though, that shit stinks. You can smell my hands after I roll a bunch of change if you don’t believe me. At my job, I encounter a ton of money. I mean, obviously, I work in a cash office. There’s not a lot to get excited about there, so recently, I’ve been noticing that a ton of people write on money. I’ve collected some photos of things I’ve seen at work, for your viewing pleasure.

The main thing I encounter is random numbers written on the bills. I don’t understand writing on money in general, and I often waste away the hours thinking about possible scenarios for all of this.

Another common thing I get is the “Where’s George” bills. I guess it’s useful if you want to  know if your bill is covered in cocaine or if it was recently in a G string.

According to wheresgeorge.com, this bill started in Colorado. It was used to buy a lottery ticket and also was spent at a casino. High G string probability.

This one started out in South Dakota. It went on a vacation with someone in Minnesota. G string risk low, coke risk moderate.

This one started in Nebraska, and includes a cutesy note about “breaking George out of the bank.” Either this bill is totally safe, or it was part of a bank heist. It could go either way.

This one is from California. It was cash for the “Office football pool.” I don’t know what that phrase means, so I am going to assume drugs, and also G strings, by virtue of being from California.

People also tend to write their names on money.

Some miscellaneous things:

BEER! And on a 20 no less!

And my personal favorites:

I was really tempted to keep this one, as I love gnomes. Unfortunately, that’s not allowed.

I really love that someone made a stamp for this. I sort of wish I had some stamps, so that I can join in the fun too.

Anyway, these are basically the highlights of my day, because my life is dull.


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