I don’t think any strength will grow out of these weaknesses…

It occurred to me this week after watching this video, that I am bad at a lot of simple things. So, here we go.

1. Washing my hair. I can never ever seem to rinse all the shampoo out of the front two inches of my hair. I suspect that I don’t tilt my head back far enough because I am afraid of getting water in my eyes. When I was a kid, I used to hold a wash cloth over my face when my mom washed my hair, because I hate water in my face so much. As a result, I always seem to wrap my hair in a towel, and then notice that there is still soap all up in my hair line, and I have to do some kind of bathroom yoga to bend back over the sink and get all the shampoo out of my bangs.

2. Making friends. I don’t think I have made friends with someone face to face since I was in middle school. Of course, I first meet people in person, but then all the bonding happens through technology, until we get to a point where I don’t feel like hiding any time they invite me somewhere. I always feel like there was a day at school where everyone was taught how to act like people, and I must have been sick that day. The same thing happened to me with fractions, so I know there is precedent.

3. Judging how big/small things are. I am the worst at packing. I always think I can take more than I really can, and my bags always end up overstuffed. I also get stuck in places, or bump into things really frequently, because I seem to think my butt is smaller than it is when I am looking at a space I need to walk through.  This was the worst in high school when I would try to walk past someone’s desk, and end up sliding my butt across the top instead, usually knocking off pencils and things in the process.

4. Not losing things inside of my house. Today, I lost the only bottle of lotion I own. I have no recollection of moving it, or really, the last time I saw it. I know it is in the house somewhere though. Last week, I couldn’t find any of my Playstation games, and then discovered them under a pile of CD cases a few days later. Once again, I have no memory of moving, them or of putting the CD cases there. As a kid, I was always misplacing my hairbrush. I would usually find it inside a toy box.

5. Not spilling things in my fiance’s bed. The poor guy is constantly ending up with water and coke and milk in his bed. Fortunately, it’s usually on my side, except for the one time I plopped half a cake in to a bowl of milk and got it all over his pillow. In my bed, I’m perfectly tidy. I think it must have something with being upside down where he is or something.

6. Identifying Nipples. I always think that girls are having wardrobe malfunctions when they are not. I have even gone so far as to take a screen cap of a youtube video where I thought I saw a nipple. It was pointed out that I must not really understand where nipples go, because apparently, what I saw was way too low. Here is the photo in question:

Decide for yourself.


You guys totally see it, don’t you?



2 comments on “I don’t think any strength will grow out of these weaknesses…

  1. Sheoverheard says:

    Ahahahahaha, NIPPLE!

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