Fear is the thought of… everything

Last night, as I was going to sleep, I noticed that one of my feet was slightly uncovered. In a panic, I quickly pulled my foot back under the comforter. I am terrified of having any of my limbs uncovered while I am trying to sleep. It struck me how silly that fear is, so here’s a list of some of my fears that are illogical.

1. Uncovered limbs while sleeping. I believe this stems from a scary story about an escaped serial killer hiding in a girls house, and licking her fingers when she puts her hand down off the bed. She thinks that it is her dog licking her fingers. When she wakes up, she finds her dead dog in the freezer.

2. Getting stung by a bee that has landed inside my soda can. I always look inside the can just in case.

3. Getting bitten by a spider that has decided my shoes are a lovely place for her creepy web. I always squish the toes of the shoes before putting them on.

4. Mirrors and windows at night. Some girls made me do the “Bloody Mary” thing in elementary school, and I’ve never been the same.

5. Glitter getting in my eye. My second grade teacher told me glitter was like tiny shards of glass, eager to cut open your cornea.

6. I’m 20 years old and afraid of the dark.

7. I also can’t fall asleep if all I can hear is silence. My ears start ringing, and I once read that ringing ears is ghosts talking to you.

8. Peter sleeps almost entirely motionless. Sometimes, I check to see of he’s died. I don’t check too vigorously because…

9. I’m afraid that Peter might be possessed, and that if I try to see if he is alive, his eyes will snap open and he will demon attack me.

10. Bugs. I know this is a common one, but I can’t even kill bugs. I can detect a spider the size of a quark, from a room away. If I ever see a bug and no one is around to handle it for me, I either spray it with hairspray until it can’t move, OR trap it under some kind of container until someone can come take care of it.

11. I’m not sure if this can be considered a ridiculous fear, but I’m afraid of strangers, in general. Crowds give me what I assume is a panic attack. I don’t like people touching me or trapping me and I don’t like hearing too many conversations at once.

12. The laughter of children. Something about it reminds me of a horror film.

13. Peeing with the door ajar. It reminds of that scene from The Sixth Sense, with the mom.

14. Looking up. It’s like some kind of reverse fear of heights. I feel like, if I look straight up, I will fall down.

I must look like this a lot of the time:

I would be crap at protecting Muriel

Does anyone else have something irrational that freaks them out?


2 comments on “Fear is the thought of… everything

  1. chellesh0ck says:

    I’m scared of being killed by the Claremont Killer. Even though I don’t live in Claremont and this all happened several years ago, I sometimes panic if I see a taxi driver late at night/early morning when I’m on my way home from somewhere by myself (the main suspect was a taxi driver)

  2. Nietzu says:

    Actually reading this is kinda reminding of me but in light version. I’m scared of kids overally, i feel like theyre little devils, possessed creatures. I’m extremly afraid of any noise during dark/night, even it ain’t something suspicious as clock ticking. But I’m also scared of silent nights cause that’s just too suspicious! I’m afraid of doors, windows, mirrors and changing rooms during dark. But yet I love dark and I can’t stand being awake during daytime. I’m afraid of sleeping near the bed edge but if i’m not facing the edge(back towards edge) then it’s not that scary, thought I’m scared of the bed edge cause I fear someone will snatch me from under the bed…..I find being alone scary and also being in crowded place it’s scary aswell. I’m scared of all sort of reflections. Actually I’m scared of mirrors during day time too so I always run pass mirrors. Reading your post made me realize how on earth I survive my days and how do I look in the eyes of other people!! 😀

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