Maybe I just hate butterflies

Is anyone else bothered by the cutesy products marketed to grown women? I’m not just talking about things like Precious Moments figurines here, although those are a little bit freaky.

Their eyes are black holes. I feel like this is the cartoon version of that possessed mother from Paranormal Activity 2.

I’m more concerned with two other things.

Now. I’m going to stop right now and apologize to any family that might be reading this. I’m about to discuss underwear and sex toys. I am sorry.


I’ve been saying this for aaaaaages. Why on earth do I have to spend an extra two dollars to get some underwear that looks like it belongs to an adult? I don’t want underwear in soft pastel colors with pictures of little flowers on them. Maybe some women do, and that is great. For me though, it just seems a little juvenile. Recently, I’ve been seeing a change in this trend. At least now I can get a packet of plain black undies for about the same as the type with butterflies. OR I can pay double and get a pack with zebra strips and peace signs. Anyway, I just feel that underwear that could be described as “darling” should stay on little girls, who can’t yet purchase their own, and those of us that have to fork over the eight dollars to keep our bits secure should have a wide selection of age appropriate undergarments.

Maybe I’m crazy. but this doesn’t scream “empowered woman” to me.


I’ll get right to the point here. Why is there a sex toy called the Rabbit? Who thought that in order for women to buy a vibrator, it needed to be cute and pink and have a bunny on it? I understand the function of the bunny, and it’s clever, but did it really need to be shaped like an adorable animal? The same goes for sex toys with butterflies and dolphins on them. Number one, I don’t think putting animals that close to genitals is really appropriate, and number two, does everything marketed to women need to be “squee” worthy? If the “darling” rule applies to underwear, I think it should apply triple fold here.

(This is where I would link a picture of one of the objects in question if I wasn’t concerned about giving my mother heart failure.)

If you ask me, the way  products for grown women are presented is just a little insulting. It seems to assume that women are all a little immature, and want everything they own to be cute. It’s not empowering. I don’t see any men struggling to find boxers without pictures of a tractors and dinosaurs on them, because no one thinks that men need their products to be cute to be appealing. I hope that I’ll get to see the day when this type of marketing is seen for what it is. Until then, you can all be sure that I’ll be keeping anything “darling” away from my genitals.


10 comments on “Maybe I just hate butterflies

  1. chellesh0ck says:

    Basically, if it has an animal on it it means it is tacky and poor quality. Thats my general advice. The iVibe rabbit is a good toy but it just had its 20th birthday so its really outdated!!!
    THIS is what a good sex toy looks like:

    Also, yeah its hard to get plain black cotton undies in multi-packs these days. I usually have to suffer through 3 pairs of pink stripey/love hearty ones just to get the 2 black ones, haha. Oh well. The other ones come in handy for when all my black ones are in the wash !!

    • sicklyjoye says:

      When I was about 16, Hanes was making this underwear that looks similar to men’s y front underwear, except the whole pack was black. I loved the shit out of those. The last time I want to buy them, they were all pastels and pink with flowers and stuff. I was heartbroken.

      Also, I love lelo. The black one is pretty! It looks kind of like an Apple product. haha one of the things I like about that brand is that none of their toys would look terribly out of place at a modern art museum. You could put one on your table and call it an abstract centerpiece.

  2. chellesh0ck says:

    Oh, PS
    Its because there are too many stupid women out there that ask for stuff to be pink and “cute” and etc etc. The vibrator I linked to above, comes in purple and pink also, and unfortunately I am yet to see anyone wanting the black one, apart from myself. I have no idea why, because it is by far the nicest looking colour out of the 3. *shakes head*

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