This post is probably only really interesting to me

Today I discovered Google Patents, which I would imagine is pretty self explanatory, as it is a Google search engine for patents only. I was just messing around and found some really cool patents related to books, so I thought I’d share 7 of my favorites.

1. Books as Art by Michael Howard.

This is my very favorite, especially because the inventor thought to make the book removable and the mechanism reusable, so that you could still read the books. If I had to destroy a book to display it with this, that would have been a deal breaker for me. I also really like that the inventor had in mind trying to inspire more people to read, based on them being enticed by the front cover.

I WANT books on my fridge.

2. Adjustable book shelf by Shu-Chen Wu

Reading the patent on this is pretty confusing, but the drawings enlightened me somewhat.

At first I thought the weights were wind chimes and I was even MORE confused.

Basically, I think the idea is to be able to stick any size book anywhere on the book shelf, and have it stay in place. No need for bookends. It also has a handy dandy pocket, a pencil sharpener, and a number of  “insertion holes” (tee-hee) to store pencils and things. I love me some multi-functionality.

3.Electronic Testing Device for use with educational books by Burton Culter

This would be super handy for when I’m a teacher. All my tests would be open book, and I could just let the testing device track the scores. No grading for me! Bonus points because it can be used in multiple books.

This little device is going to end up replacing my job someday.

4. System for enhancing books with special paper by Leo Blume

This one is super cool and futuristic. It makes books interactive! There are, of course, program on the computer than can do this, and also ereaders, but the cool thing is that this would be integrated into a normal book. That’s a huge plus for people like me that love the feel and presence of a real book rather than a book simulation. You can use a special pen to have the book display itself as video, or as audio. The inventor points out that this system could be helpful for children learning to read, foreign language speakers or the visually impaired. I agree, but personally, I like this because it would save me from that awkward moment when you try to pronounce a word you’ve only previously read. Like that first time I tried to use the word macabre.


5. Metal covered books by Walter H. Herman

I honestly am just impressed with the amount of thought the author put into the ways in which metal books open and close. I have never actually seen a book with a metal cover, so I’ll have to take his word for it. My first thought was that metal covers would make books WAY more durable, but also WAY more expensive, and also more likely to be used as a murder weapon.  Carrying one around in my purse would probably count as weight training.

I can only imagine this idea was born in a fit of rage and frustration with “traditional” metal books


6.Interactive probe system for games and books by Jack Star et al.

I’m going to be honest. I only clicked on this link because of the phrase “interactive probe.” However, it turned out to actually be pretty rad. Basically, just an invention to turn games and books into even cooler games and books, that respond to operator actions. I’m all about that.


7. Indexable vertical bookcase for oversize books by Beatrice E. Martinez.

This one is just good sense. A bookcase to store big books that won’t otherwise fit on a standard bookcase. Plus, it’s the only woman inventor on the list. I also appreciate the fact that she made the bookcase indexable. It appeals to the organizer in me.


2 comments on “This post is probably only really interesting to me

  1. NoComedy says:

    I would TOTALLY hang books all over my house if I could! And not just because I don’t have room in my room for a bookshelf!

  2. Grackle says:

    I love this post.The book on the fridge means that you could read while your coffee is brewing or the microwave is heating something, very neat. I love the indexable vertical bookcase too. I often wondered what to do with giant coffee table books when you didn’t want them on your coffee table any more. Also, it would be nice to be saved from your macabre and my bivouac (I still don’t have a clue even though I’ve listened to a dictionary pronunciation of how to say it). Clearly, your post is interesting to at least two other people.

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